Monday, September 02, 2013

Protestors to take to the streets over South Nairn planning decision – Rosemary: “Now it is time for people power!”

A protest is being organised on Sunday September the 15th and it could take the form of a march out to the site of the proposed South Nairn development on the Cawdor Road. West Community Chair Rosemary Young told the Gurn that she has the support of Tommy Hogg of River CC and Dick Youngson of Suburban for the protest. The demonstration is still being finalised but it is due to start at the bus station at 2 pm. Rosemary told the Gurn the following however:

“T shirts provided bring your own banners and tell the so called 'powers that be' what you think. There will be a further protest in Inverness on the 18th September outside the planning meeting, time to be notified.”

Regular readers will know that because of errors made in the planning officers’ report the application has to be debated again on the 18th. Rosemary wants the demo on the 15th to be a trial run to galvanise Nairnites to go to
Inverness and protest on the new decision day. 

She added:  “Don’t wait to moan when all these houses impact on our roads and services - act now it is time for people power. Show the elected councillors how YOU feel about your town!”

This observer would suggest that Rosemary might just have judged the mood in Nairn perfectly and the protest will be well attended. “Sous les pavés la plage?” Well it won’t quite be Mai 68 but it could well go down in local folklore if enough folk turn out.

Scroll down the Gurn if you want to know about the controversial South Nairn planning decision that went through without a vote at the Highland Council buildings in Glenurquhart Road on Tuesday the 20th of August. Anyone wishing a crash course in these matters might also wish to watch this video.


Anonymous said...

I will be unable to attend this protest rally due to being offshore working at the time, however I would be delighted if my elected representative (whom I voted for) would attend on my behalf ?
Thoughts please.........?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Danny Alexander would be delighted to attend the event on your behalf anon

Anonymous said...

Nairn is part off Highland Council and your elected representatives must go with the majority vote. You can try to install a route map to more local democracy however over a decade of rule from Inverness will mean a tough challenge ahead to reverse the tide of being a dormitory town to the City of Inverness. Perhaps the meeting later this month will be a watershed and allow for commen sense to prevail - but I Doubt It!

Anonymous said...

No thanks,Nairn has enough chancellors as it is.

Joe Telfer said...

This is proposed action that has merit. We need the infrastructure first amd foremost, and all the press coverage that can be mustered on this issue. I hope as many Nairn residents as possible turn out for the sake of Nairn's future.