Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Returning Common Good land to local control - Petition to the Scottish Parliament.

Control of local common good assets has been a controversial topic for many years in Nairn. At present the 80 members of Highland Council have control of our common good assets. There are many in Nairn that wish to see more local control of these assets which include the Sandown Landowns. There have been problems in Forres too and citizens along the road in the neighbouring town have been campaigning about a Common Good site that could be developed. A by-product of their campaign is a petition to the Scottish Parliament. The petition reads:

"Our common land is too precious a resource for our children, as well as citizens now, to be left to such poor management. We, the people, require that this land is managed both correctly and transparently by the local community for the local community. We believe, therefore, that our community councils should be the guardians of the common good fund and, furthermore, that local people should have full access to the accounts at all times. We also hold that the local community should have the final vote on any such changes to said land. We ask that you consider this petition and make such necessary changes to the law."

Anyone so minded can sign the petition here. 

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APTSec said...

Talking of 'Common Good'...

"A meeting of the Nairn and Badenoch and Strathspey Area Committee will take place in The Chamber, The Court House, High Street, Nairn on Tuesday 10 September 2013 at 10.30 am."

On the Agenda...

15. Nairn Common Good Fund
Maoin Maith Coitcheann Inbhir Narann

There is circulated Report No NBS-11-13 (21kb pdf) dated 28 August 2013 by the Director of Finance which presents the annual accounts for Nairn Common Good Fund for financial year 2012/13.

The Committee is invited to:-

i. agree to receive the Nairn Common Good unaudited accounts for financial
year 2012/13; and
ii. note the changes to take place during financial year 2013/14.