Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tree work on Station Brae

Traffic lights on the station brae today (Tuesday 03/09/13) as the saw doctors get to work on the wee rain forest that has grown up on the station side of the slope up the brae and into town on the Cawdor Road. 
Murd has been campaigning for some time for the dead elms on the corner of Cawdor Road and Balblair Road to be felled and today they're finally gone. 

Further up the brae it looks like it's more of a thinning operation than anything else as the wood taken out is chipped. The image illustrates again how the road narrows under the bridge and how pedestrians passing each other have little room for manoeuvre.


Anonymous said...

Make way for all the wide load Lorries coming with the new House kits! Bring on the Work!!!

R said...

Good to see something being done. Well done Murd at least you do get off your backside and do something and makes sure it does get done. A lot more than i can say for other people that have laughed at you when you complained about it at Community Council meetings. I dont see them laughing now. Keep up the good work Murd and please dont stop Gurning.