Sunday, November 18, 2012

10K for survey of old Social Work Building and other NICE matters

The NICE website reports: "There is very good news about funding, as our grant application for £10,000 from ‘Awards for All’ has been approved to do a feasibility study on the old Social Work building. We are also bidding for a grant from the Highland Council Discretionary Fund.
As HC officials have recently placed the Town Centre on the open market for developers, a ‘Note of Interest’ is being drawn up to try to prevent the loss of this key area for town centre regeneration."

The Gurn also understands that NICE maybe also drawing up a bid for the Links School building but nothing on their website about that yet if it is indeed the case. The organisation are also setting up working groups to examine issues centered around the following areas: Wetlands & Environmental Issues; Riverside Projects; Sports & Recreation; Tourism & Business. More on the NICE site. 

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Anonymous said...

Surely the Council have officers that have the necessary experience and technical ability to liaise with NICE to formulate an action plan for this building - the grant aid could then be used to take action "on the ground" instead of wasting valuable financial resources on the probable appointment of consultants.