Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Forres shop local campaign - could it happen here?

FORRES business owners are joining forces to back a campaign launched by the community council to encourage people to shop locally in the run up to the busy festive season.The initiative comes in the same week as rumours circulate that the Mackenzie and Cruickshank building is about to be filled by a new business which would be a major boost for the floundering High Street."

The Forres Community Council? How silly, they should have three warring separate ones just like us shouldn't they? Anyway more details of the campaign on the Forres Gazette website. Could it be done here? 


Anonymous said...

Shop Local! Hmm bit late shops have been crashing out left right and center the last couple of years..
If you need a charity shop, hairdresser or Chemist, then Forres IS the place to shop.
I find the By-pass very useful and go straight to Elgin.

Anonymous said...

Nairn had the "Bear Essentials" six weeks in advance.What more could you
wish for.