Monday, November 05, 2012

Kingsteps car park popularity on the rise?

Thanks for Simon for this picture from the Kingsteps car park. He told the Gurn:
"the picture simply illustrates how many people parked there. This wasn't set up at all. I've never seen so many cars in the car park at this time of year. Yet there were no guns in evidence, the track was clear for residents access, loads of people were on the East beach, the dunes, the forest etc. And there weren't signs of any more dog pooh or pooh bags than before despite the removal of the bins. What are the motivations of Mr Brodie and those advising or complaining to him? Whatever, people are voting with their feet and their cars and turning up in ever increasing numbers."


Anonymous said...

I was there yesterday and there were quite a few "poo bags" discarded, mainly in the car park, I suggest dropped right outside a car door before someone left.
Perhaps a ban on dogs?

Brian Turner said...

"Perhaps a ban on dogs?"

How about Mr Brodie provide the same facilities the council did until recently?

Frankly, a poo protest sounds like a good idea in response to the farce Mr Brodie has initiated.

Nairn of Nairn said...

Mr B&B might have been able to employ wheel clampers were it not for the fact it's now illegal on private land. Will the next obstacle for vehicles be the promised horse friendly gate at the renamed 'Lairdstep' car park?

Anonymous said...

That's the few filthy dog walkers. They have no respect for others using footpaths all over Nairn. Now the dark nights are here they walk from the Golf View to the Harbour with their dogs running free and don't give a dam about picking up their mess. It is not a case of not seeing because of the dark, it is a case of SOD YOU I DON NOT CARE! They do not pick up in the town so there is no chance they will out in the countryside.
Good luck to Mr Brodie, it is his land, perhaps NICE could buy him out? Let us hope whatever the outcome, the countryside becomes a little cleaner.

cradlehall said...

With all the recent publicity, I suppose pople are coming from far and wide just to see what all the fuss is about.
Maybe young Brodie should put up a toll booth to help pay for legal fees.