Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cawdor Kernow Karate Competition

A few action shots from Dave Shillabeer of  the Kernow Karate Competition held at Cawdor School Hall on Saturday 10th November.
"Great fun for kids, keeps them fit and teaches discipline." Dave told the Gurn. 

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War is over said...

Brilliant! An organisation that teaches bairns to be physically violent toward each other, and awards the best ones. Society needs more clubs like these as the world is way too peaceful

Graisg said...

This obsever was a regular attendee at a Karate club in Nairn for nearly two years. It was a long time ago (about 25 years) but discipline in the use of the skills that were learned were integral to the process. It wasn't simply about learning to use the force of the body. I thought it helped make kids, and some adults too, better people.
In the wild the ethos of the sport is that those skills would only be used if absolutely necessary. Folk trained in Karate do not go out looking for a fight on a Saturday night.
I can understand that some people might not think this type of activity suitable for their bairns however. Live and let live?