Friday, November 23, 2012

The wisdom of Iain Bain - Kingsteps and the Challenger Bus

Iain Bain has a double-barrelled editorial this week and contemplates "Access Rights" and the "The Mission". He talks of the 2003 Land Reform Act and landowners sharpening up their act since then he tells an interesting anecdote. Iain delves into the history of the Kingsteps car-park and how the brown tourist signs to the car-park were covered up. He talks of the cretinous behaviour that residents have suffered and then says:
"A right of access is certainly not a right to abuse or disrespect legitimate land uses. But it is pretty clear that here is a right of access does exist, for better or worse. The car-park belongs to the people of  Nairn through the Common Good Fund and the local authority has spent public money on improving the access road. It needs to be protected, even if there is an alternative way into the Culbin via the beach."

Iain also goes into the troubled waters of the Challenger Bus appearing at Nairn schools. To the editor of our weekly paper it is important that bairns are taught about our society's Christian heritage. He wonders how far local authorities should go in "influencing faith" however and suggests: 
"The education authority has been found wanting here and its rapid reaction to protest speaks volumes. It has a duty to instruct children about religion but should it have handed that instruction over to an outside body? That is the question and it looks like insufficient control was exercised in this regard."

This week's Nairnshire Telegraph editorial, worth a browse if you haven't done so already.


we need a leader said...

How about we get a regular 'wisdom of the Gurn' Leader from this esteemed organ, rather than the one that is churned out in Leopold St each week?
The great majority of the so called Nairnshire 'news' I've read in the Gurn before it's published each week, and the Gurn wins hands down when it comes to photos and videos. Changed days, but I for one get most of my news feeds from Twitter these days, certainly not from newsprint
Oh, and many thanks to the Gurn for all your excellent work! and as Liz is dolling greetings out so early a Merry Christmas to you all

Graisg said...

You are comparing two different genres, a weekly paper and a hobbyist blog that can be updated 24/7. The Nairnshire is part of the rich fabric of our community life and long may it remain so.
Elsewhere local papers seem to be taking a hit but here we are more fortunate.
I agree with you about twitter however, more and more Nairn residents seem to be using this method of communication and finding or tweeting infromation about what is important to them as it happens.

Anonymous said...

I think you are putting yourself down there Gurnmeister.

The Gurn is just as much part of the fabric of Nairn as is the Nairnshire Telegraph, if not more so.

It might just be a blog for yourself but the appreciation of your writing goes far and wide.

The format is different from the Nairnshire but has many advantages including media, 24/7, and the ability for readers to comment and debate, admittedly a little too keenly on occasions!

If I had to choose between the Gurn and the 45p alternative I know which one it would be, the money would be staying firmly in my pocket!

Keep up the good work and may I also wish you a very early Merry Christmas