Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Life long County fan Donald Wilson says "present squad up there with the best of them"

" By reaching the third round taking one SFL scalp in the process and earning a replay against another in that third round tie, the present County squad have written their own chapter in Nairn County’s history books. This has been a tremendous achievement and shows what a fantastic product Highland League football really is. I’ve watched Nairn since I was a boy and the present crop of players are up there with the best of them. I believe there are many people who enjoy football in and round Nairn who are missing out. This Saturday is a great opportunity to put that right and get behind the players and the club. The Nairn supporters have been fantastic on this Scottish Cup campaign and we all want it to continue. Good luck to Les and all the players on Saturday."


footie nae daft said...

Methinks the Gurn needs a sports page!

Graisg said...

please accept a full refund for this week