Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sainsbury's Roundabout - more repairs

Thanks to one of our regular readers for this pictuere of work at the Sainsbury's roundabout. Our correspondent wonders how long it will be before workmen will have to return once more. 


The Road Runner said...

I have made comments on The Gurn in the past when you have highlighted that yet again there is work being carried out on The Sainsbury's Roundabout but its now becoming a joke, I fully understand
if you do not wish to publish my comment but there is no excuse for a poor standard of workmanship & the materials used at the roundabout are not strong enough to withstand the heavy traffic flow, I have worked with various companies both in The UK & Europe with regard to traffic management & road surfacing & have retired back to my beloved Nairn & would take a daily walk for a wee nosey at the early stages when the roundabout was being first constructed & it made my blood boil how poorly it was planned & materials used ,I do not want to sound like a "Know it All" but I knew there would be problems in a very short time which sadly proved correct, I wonder who foots the bill for the regular repairs?. As I'm having a Gurn I may as well mention the construction of The Sainsbury's car park which is way off the level & after a heavy shower of rain there is always a massive puddle, yet again poor workmanship as they should have allowed for proper drainage.

Anonymous said...

how many more times must this debauchle carry on?far too many traffic lights,most not needed,and there should be a slip road on both sides of road for entry to sainsburys and industrial estate,too many times have i been nearly sideswiped by cars carrying on in wrong lane,
simply a case of bad planning,
a kid of 9 could have done better

Anonymous said...

One way or another we'll be paying for this