Thursday, November 08, 2012

Some parents sensibilities challenged by "Challenger Bus" ?

Gurnites may have seen the full page ad in the Nairnshire Telegraph this week outlining the visit of the Christian Challenger Bus to Nairn schools over the next few weeks. The bus is in Nairn at the invitation of seven Nairn churches.

The Gurn understands that some parents are upset that they were not informed of this bus coming to town as some have sensibilities about how religions are presented to their bairns. Out there in social media land tonight there is anxiety being expressed about information on the bus’s website which states:

“As technology has developed, and attitudes in society have changed, the methods of communicating the Gospel have moved on. Visitors to the bus are shown a fast-paced, hard-hitting DVD presenting them with the harsh fact that they are sinners with only one hope. His name is Jesus.

Very often, the DVD presentation stimulates discussions as people are confronted by the truth that they are sinners and consider why Jesus came. They can move upstairs to the coffee lounge to continue chatting.”

Yesterday one parent contacted Liz on twitter with concerns about the bus and today another parent has started a lively debate about his concerns on Facebook, this parent too has contacted Liz and others are saying they will too speak to teachers etc.

Liz tells the Gurn that she is aware of parental concerns and she has asked the Director of Education, Hugh Fraser, to look into the matter urgently.

Gurnites can see the Challenger Bus’s web page here and page seven of the Nairnshire Telegraph also gives more information.

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