Monday, November 26, 2012

Bus Station Garage - the planning decision aftermath

Documents to read for all serious students of Nairnshire planning matters - just click anywhere on each one to view.

1) Tim Stott's (Principal Planner) comments on the design etc of the building and on the planning-policy aspects.

2) McHardy's (Housing Development Manager) comments on the affordable-housing angle.

3) Highland Council Strategic Housing Investment Programme document (SHIP).

4) The planning officials' report (reflecting policy issues and objections) which went to Planning Committee.

5) West CC request to Planning Aid Scotland (PAS) for advice, describing the background and setting out what they saw as the key concerns.

6) A supplementary request to PAS highlighting the two specific points West CC were most interested in.

7)  Extracts from the advice from PAS  to West Community Council.


APTSec said...

Thanks Gurn. The on-line community in Nairn is certainly very lucky to have you. I would certainly recommend that people read Planning Aid's summation'. To my mind, having made so many representations (including going through the complaints process and going to the SPSO) as an individual and on behalf of APT it really does sum up the experience of the planning system. On we all plod

Anonymous said...

Im really impressed that they managed to get Stephen Hawking reporting on Nairn planning matters!