Monday, November 05, 2012

The Building formerly known as the Social Club

According to one of our regular unreliable sources at rumour control, the building formerly known as the Social Club in Church Street will be opening in January with the name "Barcode." It appears that work in the interior has proceeded at a rapid rate and local character, sublime wit and bon viveur, Mr Ian Gordon is dispensing joie de vivre and his considerable experience in the licensing trade in efforts to get the new enterprise up and running. Our unreliable sources also tell us that once open the new premises will be selling their products at a competitive price. Get your dancing shoes polished folks. 


pint of shillings said...

Yeah already known as Barfcode and if you want a cheap drink try your local supermarket

Just how many Nairn bars are up for sale at the moment and have been so for months, I can think of four. Great time to be opening a new one, still, the trades have enjoyed the work, cheers guys

And if you want a night out you go to Inverness, maybe Barfcode owners haven't sussed that the High Street is empty at night as well as the bars. All I go up there for is a carry oot

You're more likely to get hit by a seagull rather than a drunk in Nairn these days

Tex said...

Will this new enterprise be the new Rocking Royal of Nairn with live music?. I think there might be a few guitars coming out of there cases after 15yrs abcence? just watch this space. There might be a special guest appperance by guess who?.

Fender Gibson said...

Howdeeeeeeee Tex you old Rock n Roll Dude nice to see your still finding time to take a look at The Gurn even though you have now retired to Texas to breed Palomino horses on your ranch,have you been speaking to your old band mates about reforming & having your opening gig back home in Nairns new Night Club "Barcode", many a good time was had in The Rockin Royal with the floor boards bouncing, as Hippie Chic Mary Hopkins once sang "These were the days my friends I thought they would never end " but sadly they have & the licensed premises in the town are struggling so I would wish the new drinking establishment well in this hard times but if Tex drops in for his regular tipple of Jonny Walker & brings some of his old cronies Elton, Sting,Bono, Clapton,Springsteen, Geoff Skeet,Townsend, Jimmy Page,Paul Weller etc etc,you just never know Church Streets watering hole could be the place to be seen in with a squad of Paps & The Gurn waiting at the door to snap the celebs.

Barf said...

God help them if they're about to open the doors to a bunch of creaky old rockers complete with an audience that will nurse a half pint for the whole evening

If the owners do it'll soon be 'the building formally known as the Barfcode'

Not many of us can afford to really drink these days, and when we do as has been said we head for Inverness

Even the name is old, it should be QRCode!

Anonymous said...


I remember the Paps Duo,they really got the place bouncing.

Roadie said...

Barf is it not more expensive to drink in Inverness by the time you take into consideration, bus, train, taxi,petrol costs, nightclub admission for example, hopefully Barcode when it opens will save you a trip to Snechie,

Ps I would not mind sharing a pint with Clapton at the bar as long as it was his round & I would love to ask him does he remember the night of Friday 7th July 1967 when Cream played at The Ballerina Ballroom on the high st,& to Jimmy Page when he played in The Yardbirds in the sixties & made the long journey to play at The Assembly Hall, Wick, & to Pete Townsend from The Who who played at The Ballerina on October 6th 1967, & to Elton who played piona on a record made by Buckie based group My Dear Watson released in the late sixties, you see Barf good old Nairn has a bit of Rock & Roll history.

Graisg said...

Maybe if we asked nicely there could be a Rocking Royal tribute night but this observer gets the impression from our unreliable sources that Barcode will be very much à la mode.

Grandad we love you said...

Jeepers, some Nairn folk getting excited that the Barf might put on artists from 50 years ago. If they did it would be the only venue where punters staggered in rather than out, and I bet they'd want half price pensioner Sweetheart stout on the bar!

I will gladly still pay the cost of going to sneck if I want a good night out, something about the choice once you get there

Confucius said...

A bit confused- all we hear is no one can afford to go out and drink these days, and the pubs in Nairn are all dead, followed by I'll pay the price to go to Inverness! Then we all wonder why Inverness has control of everything in this town? - Its because its that great we all want to go there to spend our hard earned cash and no one should have the right to offer those withiout quite so deep pockets an alternative! lol!!
I gladly give the barf a chance before making these bold statements!

Graisg said...

Sounds like an early Barf for you then Confucius?

Anonymous said...

Just reading that the regal might be opening as a pub/ restaurant. I wish it had reopened as a roller skating venue like it was in he early 60's. when you think of it that would never happen, we folk used to skate around the hall,
no helmets, no nannies making sure we behaved ourselves,
We had fun without today's red tape and I cann t remember anyone getting hurt! Only problem is I wouldn't t be able to have a go ...too old now! Kids would love it though.

Barf said...

Personally I'll be giving the new bar a wide barf ;)

Don't have a lot of cash to spare these days but would rather have one good night in Inverness than two mediocre ones in Nairn