Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Liz and Colin move fast - Nairn Planning list stays independent of Inverness

The Gurn is delighted to hear that the Nairn weekly planning list sent out to community councils and others in the town will remain just that and not be consumed into the Inverness list. See previous article here. Liz tells the Gurn: "following representation from Colin and myself the planning list for Nairn will continue to be sent out seperately."

It looks very much like the decision to change was made unilaterally by an official and came as news to our elected members. It's a small step but highly symbolic and very encouraging that it was quickly reversed. Perhaps it'll take some time to slow the Highland Council centralisation juggernaut down and point it in a new direction but at least a few more members of the crew will understand what has to happen thanks to Liz and Colin. 

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APTSec said...

On the subject of planning; I popped along to the NPF3 'do' today at Eden Court and noted down 'Nairn Bypass' and 'Dalcross Rail Halt' on a sheet at the 'Infrastructure' stall. I came away noting that not everything in NPF2 will necessarily continue onto NPF3 so whatever your views please consider putting in to the NPF3 team by email if you could not get along to the 'do today'.