Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas cheer to brighten up the town centre - Monday 19th November

Highland Council Press Release states:

The Nairn Christmas Lights switch-on takes place at Nairn Court House on Monday, 19 November at 6.30pm.

Christmas carols will be sung by the Nairn Academy Choir and at 6.40pm. Provost Liz MacDonald assisted by Auldearn Primary School pupils Niamh Davis and Lewis MacLennan will start the countdown and then switch on the lights.

Following the switch on will be a musical procession to St Ninian’s Church where we will meet special guests - Bjorn the Polar Bear with Neula his Eskimo handler. There will be a Santa’s Grotto for the children along with tea, coffee, mince pies and seasonal fare.

Residents and businesses, please be aware that Gordon Street, High Street and Cawdor Street (up to the Post Office) will be closed to vehicular access from 6pm – 7pm.


Anonymous said...

19th November!! That's rediculous and a waste of tax payer's money on electricity in these austere times..
What is wrong with the first week in December as it often was.

Christmas seems to start at the begining of November these years..

Oh yes lets try trialing turning off lights in Auldearn but dont worry, come the middle of November we shall turn the street christmas lights on two weeks early!!

Bah humbug i hear some say.. No not really jsut dont see any benefit in starting christmas in november!

santa claws said...

I sort of agree with Anon 4:14 but looking at the calendar the lights are going on just 5 weeks before Christmas day so not too bad?

Only 41 days left to buy lots of crap and mountains of food, start panicking people!

Anonymous said...

Quite agree with anon 4:14. This is far too early and for whose benefit? It's not just 5 weeks before Christmas day, it's 35 bloody days! I hate what Christmas has become.

Anonymous said...

Why has this been planned for a school night? Bairns up late does not bode well for being awake on Tuesday morning. Much better on a Friday night as per usual