Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rothes 1 Nairn 3 Donald's pictures

Pictures from club photographer Donald Matheson


Anonymous said...

Look at the state of that pitch!

Anonymous said...

shutter speeds too slow Donald or your hands shaking like a leaf in a gale

Black and Gold said...

A couple of weeks ago I joined the volunteers at Station Park on a Sunday morning for a couple of hours carrying out pitch repairs. No wonder the playing surface is pristeen. I don’t think there can be many pitches in the UK that get such TLC. Mike Mackintosh took a tractor and spiked every inch of the playing surface with the volunteers following behind with forks effectively sorting out any blemishes and removing any loose pieces of dirt and grass. This happens after every home game. May seem a bit OTT but it gives the fans great pride and it must be fantastic for the players performing on such a surface. Rothes pitch was in poor nick. But don’t knock them. This is a club that has struggled endlessly and is no doubt run a few die hards. Their young team certainly made it tough for Nairn on Saturday. Good crack on the pitch repair rota because you get to chat with Les Fridge and some of the board members. Volunteers needed so if you are free on a Sunday morning go up and enjoy the craic and a cup of tea.