Thursday, November 22, 2012

River Community Council in Social Club shock - potential conflict of interest

River Community Council had been expected to discuss the new planning application for the former Nairn County Social Club at their meeting last week but Chair Tommy Hogg told a shocked meeting (swelled somewhat by those there to debate the Kingsteps issue) that his Council felt unable to do so. He said that it turned out that River CC have a vested interest in the club. He went on to give the following statement:

"It has recently come to light that River Community Council has in its possession one ten pound share in  Nairn County Football Club. It appears that this was acquired in 1993 at a time we believe Nairn County was facing particularly challenging times and was actually seeking local financial support. Having discovered the share in our archives we reviewed the position and came to the conclusion that it is no longer appropriate for the Community Council to hold it particularly since pending planning issues could create a conflict of interest. We have accordingly taken steps to arrange for its disposal. NRCC continues with pride to support Nairn's tremendous football club."

River CC hope to be able to discuss the application at their next meeting in December which will give them time to make any submission or comments to the application which is due to be presented to the planning department on the 18th. Previous Gurn article about progress on the building (to be known in the near future as "Barcode" according the Gurn sources) here. 


Anonymous said...

A £10 share??? Thought it might have more to do with one of the CC members allegedly being an investor in the project. A much bigger conflict of interest I would've thought.

Totally supportive of the bar but let's have proper transparency.

Graisg said...

Ian Gordon took steps to ensure that all was right and proper when River CC perviously discussed this. I recall him leaving the room in the Laing Hall when River CC discussed the previous planning application for the old Social Club. I believe also at that time he declined to take part as he was a Nairn County FC committee member.

Have you someone else in mind Anon?

Anonymous said...

No idea about personalities but much assured by your response - ta