Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday night reading material for the more serious students...

Here's the Westies (West Community Council) minutes for October and here's the Police report to Nairn's community councils for November.


notawestmeglamaniac said...

Very strange that the majority of issues raised are actually outwith the remit of the West Community Council. They seem more interested in areas that are within the area of the town covered by the Nairn River Community Council. Obviously they have nothing better to discuss within their own area. Maybe they should move house and put themselves up for election ! AND NO ONE COMMUNITY COUNCIL IS NOT THE ANSWER !!!!
Why haven't they raised and pushed for Albert Street to be resurfaced ? It's possibly the worst road in Nairn as it's like driving over a ploughed field - certainly doesn't do my tyres and suspension any good !!!

pleb said...


The westies are the natural ruling classes and therefore of course it's within their remit to dictate as to how the whole of Nairn should be run, and after all no-body else knows how it should be done

One community council for Nairn, seems like we already have one!

Graisg said...

Personally I cannot see the problem with many of the border incursions that have occurred in recent months/years. Even suburban have commented on town centre matters and River had an opinion on Sandown I believe. Take the Firhall Bridge - it is right that all the CCs should consider it as it isn't only the River CC area residents that use it is it?

flog 'em said...

It's a sad reflection upon us as a society that we see the way of dealing with dog fouling as using the deterrent of a fine, and if that's not working increasing the amount

As always with the law it's the poor who always suffer the most. The current £50 fine would make a huge dent in someone's budget who is either on a minimum wage or unemployed, but for some people £50 is would just be loose change, and hardly worth picking up the dog mess for

I'm not advocating a lawless society but commenting on how it's all too easy to increase the divides by asking fore greater punishments

It's probably all academic as how many law enforcers are out on our streets looking for offenders?

Spurtle said...

flog em said :
It's a sad reflection upon us as a society that we see the way of dealing with dog fouling as using the deterrent of a fine...

Do I really need to state the very obvious solution to the likelihood of incurring such a fine...?

I best do so, just in case someone doesn't join the dots.

How about, whether rich or poor, you pick your doggie's doo doo up.

Result = no fine

(amazingly, this simple mantra can be applied to the vast majority of law breaking or law abiding practices and the avoiding of penalties for the same.)

Anonymous said...

It would be a sh*t job, but how about someone is employed to clean up the dog poo? After all, we have anti litter laws but we still have a street cleaner to pick up all the rubbish that's dropped on the streets, and the dog poo attendant would be much more effective than the dog wardens who are supposed to catch offenders

As for Spurtle and his mantra I have one for him 'live in the real world'