Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Suburban CC pause on funding for NICE

At their regular meeting in the Academy last night. Chair of Suburban Community Council, Dick Youngson, produced a letter from NICE seeking a funding donation for the organisation. The Council felt that they should consult with Rosemary of West and Tommy of River CCs before deciding on an amount to give to NICE.


cap in hand said...

Maybe a good time for NICE to decide as to what the future holds. They've had quite a long time now to set out their stall, and the last I heard had attracted membership of around 800?
Community councils are not awash with money, and if NICE need both support and money to proceed then they should make this clear and either source funding or make a general public appeal

Anonymous said...

Haven't they already had money out of the Community Councils? Surely this is not what Community Councils funding is for? I agree with Cap in hand, time for NICE to look elsewhere.