Tuesday, November 13, 2012

River CC meeting 13th Nov - Alexander Brodie's night? Plus rat row.


Bob Brodie said...

People need to look at the History of Culbin Sands and respect it. Alexander is trying to do so. He does not want to deny people from enjoying natures beauty. It seems to be his intention to allow people access while trying to combat some of the negative aspects of visitors of that area. I hope that Alexander can persevere.

Robert C. Brodie

Bob Brodie said...

I hope the council looks at what the people who live in the effected area have to say and take a look of the behavior they, the council, are currently condoning.

Graisg said...

Hi Bob, I hope you or any of your fellow clan members don't get the wrong idea about Nairn. Every town has a few silly people and just a little bad behaviour can reverberate quite a bit. Personally I think Nairn is like Disneyland compared to some communities in Scotland and England and Wales and I hope you and your fellow clansmen come into Nairn and find out for yourselves what a nice chilled place it is when you have the gathering next year.