Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Police in Nairn search for man in connection with an alleged disturbance"

Police are carrying out searches in the Nairn area for a man in connection with an alleged disturbance in the Granny Barbour Road area to the east of Nairn. No one was injured however police are anxious to trace the man who is described as in his 20's, wearing shorts and a t-shirt and no footwear.

Anyone with any information as to his whereabouts is asked to contact Police on 01463 715555.


Anonymous said...

ok heres what we got, we went away out past househill andround the back roads down to granny barbours road. two abandoned cars by foynesfield, police searching woods in teams of 5-7 and a copper stopped us n asked our names but not our adresses n shizz :/ allegedly theres armed police out and
whatever it was their lookin for a bloke in his late 20's in shorts n t shirt

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, was he feeding the ducks and swans or something?

Anonymous said...

Is this a bit of overkill for a guy running about in his breeks and bare feet? Couple of helicopters for several hours, which I'm sure doesn't come cheap, and car loads of coppers all over the place. Little wonder there's been so much speculation. Is this the face of the new police force set up, the big city tactics come to Nairn?

Diss in gen u ine ness said...

Oh it's just 'alleged'. I wonder what hardware they would have turned out had he definitely done something?