Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A possible Kingsteps compromise that could benefit charity plus response from Alexander Brodie

Local resident Daniel offers a possible solution that might be away out of the Kingsteps stand-off between Brodie of Brodie and Highland Council.
UPDATE - Daniel's idea has received a response from Alexander Brodie which is now posted on this article below the original contribution.

Good morning,
I have been reading with interest the raging debate regarding the gate at the entrance to the lane leading to Kingsteps car park. Reading the latest article, it appears that Alexander Brodie is going to put up the gate, regardless of what the Highland Council etc say and is prepared to challenge them legally. I have an idea that I have not seen mentioned anywhere else, but its relatively simple. Its a "compromise on both sides and meet in the middle" solution.
Keep the gate closed Monday - Friday.
Open the gate Saturday 8am-6pm and Sunday 8am-6pm (4pm in the darker months) and charge £2.50 to park. The proceeds goto charity.

People can then choose whether or not they still wish to park there or not at weekends (which are the busiest times anyway) 
Boy racing will come to an end, as they only seem to come out at night.
Residents would have a much quieter life.
Walkers / Cyclists etc would have access all week. Would also be safer for them Mon-Fri as no vehicles.
 Charity would benefit financially
Obviously this is just an idea, but it might be a good starting point for the 2 parties to discuss?

Yours Sincerely
Daniel (Nairn Resident)

Many thanks for that olive branch Daniel.

Yes, I was looking for a compromise in the meeting of the 13th, however, the councils threatening legal letter just before put a stoke in the works. The Council informed me that if I put a gate up they would take me to court. The problem here was that all compromise involved putting up a gate and discussing how is was used. The way I saw it was that the Council would not compromise. We will see where the council position takes us, but for now I see no reason that prevents me from bypassing council and councillors (and their ultimatum), talk directly to the users.

Important  point, I will not agree to a compromised without first consulting the residents. They must agree.

Non-negotiable point: the gate is to be closed at night.

First  point of note, I have already made an offer at the meeting of the 13th. One of the issues I discussed at the meeting was that I noticed that dog users are being moved on from Nairn centre and beach with threatening signposts as far as East Beach warning of serious fines. I have had many dogs in my life and fully understand that they need a good run and to be let off the lead. Dog owners need a place to go. According, I offered, the use of Kingsteps wood. Dogs are permitted off the lead (as long as they are not vicious etc., common sense need apply) and dog poo that is not on pathways need not be picked up (the way I see it is that it is compost for the trees, I also have a greater problem with  forgotten poo bags). The part I own of Kingsteps woods is the area where the trees’ lower branches are not cut. This suits me as it keeps the dogs off the beach away from the wildlife and ecosystem of the sands.
The problem I have with charging is that I find it abnormal and wrong that the Forestry Commission charge. It puts me in a moral dilemma: I disagree and disapprove that the Forestry Commission charge, so doing the same seems apocryphal. If all agree to this I would comply, proceeds going to a nature type charity. However, I would not want to police it.

The idea I was thinking along for the meeting was to have about 3 days a week open, 4 days closed, closed at night. Open special holidays. This is for vehicles. Walkers, riders and cyclists are always allowed 24/7. No vehicle access for hunting; the wildfowlers seem to have the law on their side for walking, so walk they can. I think I still have a right to stop them driving across my land.

Alexander B


Anonymous said...

Great idea and very good of Daniel to offer to go down and open the gate then sit all day in all weathers to collect money to give to charity! Nairn needs more people like you!

Anonymous said...

Forget about the charity bit ...and the rest is ok. I am sure the nearby residents would open and close the gate on two days of the week if they want peace and quiet...only leaves the problem what if someone is late back from their walk on a Sunday afternoon ..their car would have to stay there till the following Saturday when the gate is opened again. But in principal the idea is not too bad.

Anonymous said...

Agree with second post, forget the charity bit, everything else sounds ok, but will the council agree? As for the first post ... They have machines now that take money, its not 1950!
I do know that if it goes down the legal route their will only be 2 winners... The lawyers on both sides. Well done Daniel, nice to see someone with a bit of common sense. Perhaps you should run for the council!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is already under starters orders.?

Alexander B said...

I have a possible solution to the problem of opening/closing the gate. I can pass on a key to about 2/3 early morning users, these would be people who use the path very early in the morning and can open it for the rest of the day on open days. The residents can close it at night. In return for their help, these gate keepers can have personal access 7 days a week.

Anonymous said...

I am really confused regarding the dog poo issue. The logic is that only people with dogs and cars will leave dog mess around and not those who walk the dogs in. Strange. Never go there anyway so it does not affect me. Used to years ago but always hated having to walk past other people's houses. Not what you want to do on a nice country walk. Better to go elsewhere.

Alexander B said...

I have read the article dated 27 November in the Inverness Courier where Provost Macdonald branded my above posted compromise as "ridiculous". Pity. According, I withdraw the offer.

I am sorry, but I can no longer negotiate over this matter. It is taking to much of my time, confounding me, getting nowhere and subjecting me to unwanted judgement etc. According, I withdraw all offers and will not be making others.

Thank you to the readers of the Gurn for your support and understanding, and to those who did not support - for your good cheer and humor. thanks also to the Gurn.

Yours ever,

Alexander Brodie of Brodie