Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sea King helicopter returns to skies above Nairn

The helicopter returned to what looked like a similar search grid to last night at around 11.30 a.m. this morning. The pilot concentrated on the woods both sides of Granny Barbours Road and the Grantown Road and ventured over by the Crook too. After almost an hour's activity the helicopter left and shortly afterwards four police vehicles came down from Granny Barbour's and headed into town.
The Highland News site states: "A Northern Constaulary spokesman told the Highland News: "Our enquiries are on-going to establish the whereabouts of the man. We went to speak to him in connection with a number of offences including alleged drink driving and alleged resisting arrest." "
More information and pictures on the Highland News page here.  
Update - short video of search helicopter here. 


Anonymous said...

We're certainly getting a good show of helicopters over Nairn, never seen so many over 24 hours. These flying contraptions are quite amazing, I hope they catch on

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time the police released a new statement as to why they are spending thousands on helicopters !! Also to curb speculation! We have a right to know, who is lurking in our town!

Jerry said...

Have they no found the missing cat as yet?

Blade runner said...

Apparently it's Speculation that's lurking in the town, nasty piece of work prone to rumours and gossip!

Anonymous said...

all this 4 a drunk driver north police get a grip - pity you didn't do this for 4 Mr Wilson - where are priorities

Wink Commander said...

It's like the Battle of Britain all over again but in the skies above Nairn

Watcher of the skies said...

Are they filming a repeat of Taggart? Awfie good program

Graisg said...

@ hang em I tell ye - thanks for your comment, it cannot be published however.
@ anon 18.12 Despite any potential cost there is obviously a humanitarian element to all this - cold weather and the type of clothing the suspect was wearing according to the police.

hang em I tellye said...

No problem Graisg, I fully undertstand the limitations of your site.

Love the Nurn Gurn while working away from home for 4-6 weeks, no longer ask for the Nairnie to be kept!

Just feel I have to vent the spleen now and again fully in the knowledge they aren't going to get posted.
Just like the last one i tried to post about the gull feeding clan!!!!


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