Friday, March 12, 2010

Anyone up for a bit of consultation?

A bit heavy so early in the morning but Highland Council are looking for consultation on their Housing Strategy. An alert Gurnite has spotted this information on the council website. We should really put in strong responses from Nairn if we are to influence what kind of housing gets built here in the future. No doubt it will be another set of documents that get forwarded to Nairnshire's community councils. There must be a few community councillors out there with houses full of documents that have to be read and commented upon. Here at the Gurn we think that that is another good reason to have just one Community Council for the town, the work of interpreting these documents and deciding what is the best response for the community would not have to be repeated three times over and as an offshoot of that maybe one or two trees could be saved. More on the Highland Council's housing strategy however:

'Highland's Housing Strategy proposes six main outcomes which the Council wants to achieve, these are that:
people are best able to live in suitable, and affordable housing, through increased supply in the best places and improved access routes to a wide range of housing choices.
owners and renters are able to live in sustainable, energy-efficient houses which are in good condition and, for renters well managed.
fewer households living in fuel poverty.
more people with community care needs successfully living at home independently.
fewer households experience homelessness through increased prevention and the delivery of responsive, effective services.
we have strong and support communities which have a long term future where people feel safe; where the impact of disadvantage is reduced and where public services are delivered well and provide value for money.'

More here for those that are interested and we should be really but reading all the documents coming out for public consultation is a full-time job in itself. Maybe the town's community councillors should have a clerk working for them just for that purpose alone.

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