Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday morning press review

Your weekly 40p special treat is a 16-pager. It will perhaps be remembered as the edition that charts the current, considerable woes of the River Community Council with both a front page article and a further article inside discussing issues of transparency concerning the Council. There's a few articles for Ardersier and Croy readers this week and an article concerning ownership of the Cawdor Hall. The last days of the Sandown Inquriy of well covered and again present essential reading material for those wishing to stay fully informed on local planning matters.
An enlightening article on the 'Herring Girls' that is record of a recent talk at the Nairn Literary Institute. This week there are pictures from the Auldearn Guides celebration. In the ads section, Cawdor Castle are looking for seasonal workers plus a full-time admin assistant. You'll be able to read a two-page sports section with a report on Saturday's defeat for the Wee County against Cove plus Equestrian, Indoor Bowling, Golf, Tae Kwon Do, Shooting, Curling, Dominoes and Chess reports. All this and much more.
Apart from events at the River Community Council this edition is also striking for Iain Bain's editorial. He outlines his concerns at how the Sandown application gathered momentum but also takes a swipe at the objectors. Interesting reading Gurnites.


Backyard Cat said...

Iain Bains leader in the
" Nairnie " makes very interesting reading & i look forward to next weeks letters to the editor column.

doorstep said...

Great thing about the Gurn Backyard Cat, you don't need to wait till next week to read opinions!

Fleabitten Moggie said...

Hope ya dinna think im being awfae
cheeky or glaikit & the Gurn is the
fisrt place i have a wee nosey at
its hell if i dinnea as i get withdrawal symptoms, hellish indigestion & mood swingies but
i would be ever gratefull to doorstep if they wid pit me in the direction as to whare aboot i can
find the opinions, Ps the missus
was thinking aboot joining the local council but after reading The
Nairnshire, Nae noo. Aw the best

doorstep said...

I think you will find Fleabitten Moggie that opinions and letters to the editor are hidden under the title of comments on the Gurn

Sorry to hear that the missus is no joining the council, it sounds to me as though it's a lively place to be these days. More fighting than up the street on games night!

Anonymous said...

Much appreciate your overview of the Tuesday press but may I take the opportunity to link two recent pieces of news from our local newspapers.

In the Tue 16 Mar P&J there is a report that the (http://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.aspx/1648066)
Head of Scottish Water is to forgo 25% of his bonus and give it to the Water Aid charity, having been encouraged to by the Financial Secretary, John Swinney SNP, in a general plea to all the Heads of Scottish utilities to remit their bonuses back into their services.

This is just a few weeks after the 2 Mar NT reported that Scottish Water did not have enough money to upgrade the Nairn sewage works to stop the stench that pervades over Nairn, when there is an onshore wind.

One does not want to be politically incorrect and suggest that money should not go to a worthy overseas charity. However, it does seem obtuse that when a utility is strapped for cash and cannot perform its statutory duty that its Head is a allowed to give away his bonus, earned precisely for not doing his job correctly, to an organisation outside Scotland!!

What happened to charity starting at home!!