Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Warning Lib-Dem invasion of Nairn at the weekend!

Anyone else had the 'take a break' magazine style Dannie Fanzie delivered yet? If not then you might get a copy soon as Lib Dem activists prepare for the big push.
According to a Lib-Dem bulletin board there will be campaigning session in Nairn this Saturday.
'Come and help our local team campaigning for a fairer Britain in the beautiful seaside town of Nairn.
There will be delivery, canvassing and indoor jobs, kindly hosted by local members, David and Sheila Thomas,...'
If you are that way inclined you can get more details on the Lib Dem 'Flock Together' site. Why the big push in Nairn? Is it because Nairn has strong SNP support that might be softening a little as we approach the general election?

1 comment:

Dem Libs said...

'Danny's OUR champion' is a pretty bold statement to splash on the front of your very own lad's mag, and poor old shampoo Charlie 'life after leadership' is that his political career over then?

Good to see oor champ is on a Nairn walkabout this Saturday (shopping tip - if you like blueberry muffins buy some before then, I predict a run on them)

Oh, and just don't mention the bypass