Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gurn mission statement update

'Blogging from Nairn: sometimes satirical, sometimes silly, sometimes serious but hopefully giving a flavour of life in our community,' claims the Gurn. Perhaps we should add to that our ambition to become the house journal of the Nairnshire Freedom Party in their efforts to end Inverness domination and establish home rule for Nairn. 

We also like to encourage others to blog and it was good to hear a Gurnite who works overseas say how much he enjoys reading the Gurn and those others in the Blogroll - 'Apart from Bill Cameron,' he said. I'm sure Bill will be delighted to know he has had that sort of impact :-)  We'll keep on adding as much crac to the show as we can but it is the Gurnites out there that add so much to the fun. The tools are yours too Gurnites, with the publishing tools that the web offers you can have your message out there too. If you are thinking of starting a blog or already have one that we haven't noticed please let us know and we'll put it in that wee list in the sidebar. Here's a video on how to blog, within minutes you could be adding to the Gurnosphere carry-on.

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