Thursday, March 11, 2010

High speed rail link must include Nairn!

The Scottish Government have jumped on Labour's feel good factor have a new railway ploy.

The BBC site proclaims,'The UK government's proposals for a high-speed rail link must include extending the line to Scotland, according to Holyrood ministers.
UK Transport Secretary Lord Adonis has set out detailed proposals for the first stretch of the 250mph railway.
He said the first part of the route would run from London to Birmingham.'

Well how far North would a super-duper wonder train go do you think if Scotland were thrown into the occasion? Why should we have to make do with the crappy single track line north of Perth? It can take you almost as long to get to Edinburgh from Inverness as it takes to reach London from Edinburgh. Let's have the Northern Terminal built on Station Park - not much football gets played there these days anyway and the funds from the sale would enable a relocation to Sandown.



Michty me i think you will upset
The Narden Loons & their Faither
we yer comments aboot the little
fitba played on The Wee County grun
& a move to Sandown fit a thought
to have, we all that hooses built
you wid have nae room for a pitch
min, also you could never replace the shedie the loyal fans shelter
fae the cauld. Aw the best

always look on the bright side of said...

I heard the question being asked if it was financially viable to run it to Scotland at all, let alone north of Edinburgh or Glasgow

But good news, I think I've found a new high speed train that might get as far as Nairn