Friday, March 26, 2010

UFO's over Nairn - the story continues

Regular readers will remember the Valentine's Day UFO story that featured in the Gurn last month. The story continues yet again in the Highland News. A Culloden man has come forward to say that he has seen the UFO four times now:

'But Mr Jackson has now come forward to dismiss this theory and even has his mum as an eye witness to strange goings on in the night skies along the Moray Firth coast.
"I know what I saw but it was definitely not a love lantern or a Chinese lantern. It was far too big and it did not flicker from the centre. It was shaped liked a helicopter or truck cab and it travelled at between 150-200mph, so it could never have been a lantern," Mr Jackson told the HN.
"I am just an ordinary guy and am not a crank. I felt after reading these silly stories about the love lantern all I want is verification. I can't believe this was seen by myself and nobody else."
He said the love lantern was set off in the Cairngorms at 6pm and the light he saw was at 8pm.
Mr Jackson, a self-employed bathroom fitter, said he has now had FOUR sightings of the UFO. And the second was witnessed by his mother Anne.
Last month we described how the Valentine's Day sighting was reported on the website of Canadian paranormal researcher Brian Vike.
Mr Jackson had sent an anonymous blog to the website describing how he spotted the UFO approaching Nairn from the east on February 14.
He turned up the Grantown Road to get a closer look to see the fireball-like object travel in a north north-easterly direction.
He was so amazed he phoned his girlfriend and mother before reporting it to the local police station.

Read the full article by Donald Wilson here.


Jane Harkiss said...

I've seen tons of UFO's loads of times. I really wanted to be beamed up, but I think they could sense there was something 'up' with me and chose someone a bit more better, like.

Unknown said...

Good on the Gurn and Donald Wilson for reporting on this subject seriously.
Mr. Jackson is one of millions of people around the world who see these things and then have to deal with ridicule from people with their head in the sand.
It's not automatically aliens, but blaming everything on party lanterns and swamp gas is becoming tiresome.
Thanks for not having a closed mind!!

robjob said...

This is Rob Jackson..i just wanted to point out the slight error in the Highland news article...i stated the object was the SIZE of a helicopter or truck cac and NOT SHAPED like a helicopter or truck cab..the object was perfectly spherically shaped...i believe someone has camera evidence of the ufo ...i had a camera with me on 2 occassions but couldnt pick up on it...i have since found out i had the camera on macro setting...oh well cannae win them all eh!I was also quoted as saying the the object seemed to travel 5 miles in 20 seconds...that is not was travelling at a speed i could estimate at 150-200 mph.
I wish some more people could have seen was spectacular and i am gobsmacked no-one else has spotted it and come forward..the skies were clear with the occassional fluffy cloud so anyone on the Moray coast in that area could have just looked up and spotted it.
I gave very accurate timings and directions for all of my eyeballs and the fact none of them appeared on radar says checks out thoughts.
This story is well from over i feel.
Happy ufo spotting!
Rob Jackson

Graisg said...

Hi Rob thanks for your comments, you are most welcome.
Here we are completely open minded on the subject of UFOs, there's been a lot of sightings over the years that cannot be explained away.
We'd be delighted to hear of any new developments.