Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UFO seen over Nairn!

Posted on a paranormal investigation blog two days ago:

'Full Description of Event/Sighting: I was travelling home from Aberdeen and was nearly approaching the east of Nairn when I spotted a orange glowing light to my left. I looked a few times and just instantly thought it was extremely weird. I turned up the Grantown road to try to get closer and once on the dark country road, I cut my engine. In darkness I opened my door and lifted myself to the top of my van and just observed in quiet amazement at what I was seeing, an orange fireball like object travelling in a perfect line north-north-east, complete silence, no engines, no rotors, no nothing, but this amazing orange fireball object. The object went behind a cloud and I didn't see it again.'

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Anonymous said...

Two days ago? How lucky can you get?
Close encounters of the Valentine's day kind!

Dr Spock said...

Seeing a sun set can be quite magical

Anonymous said...

maybe it was alien shopping day and they were looking for sainsbury's?

Zyzzyz said...

Strange things happen to folk who venture to Aberdeen and back.