Sunday, February 07, 2010

A96 bridge potholes - a need for warning signs?.

Picture will enlarge. Is it time for this kind of sign to alert drivers to the dangers the potholes on the bridge present?


Sofa Spotter said...

Oh yes and:

Lionar bearn mór le clachan beaga

Graisg said...

Greas ort ma tha tha obair agad ri dhèanamh!

growtosow said...

i think it should be a bigger sign. or should i go too spec savers. mind you the size of some these potholes you could not fail too see them. and its not just the ones at the bridge they are right the way though the town. its like driving on a dirt track. maybe some lessons in off road driving would come in handy. perhaps some one could set up a course and use the a96 as an eg