Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inverness Councillor will no longer claim free dinners

Inverness member Drew Hendry SNP, is reported in yesterday's courier as recently cancelling his lunch entitlement with the authority.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Drew Hendry. Let's hope the rest will follow his example and bring in their own pieces!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed - all credit to you Drew. It will be interesting to watch developments.

Boris McJohnson said...

Now an example has been set will others also leave the gravy train?

Over recent months the public has become pretty scunnered with our money being squandered by government and other public bodies and used inappropriately.

For councillors unable to absorb the growing groundswell (I love sound bites) of opinion let me make it plain - Free food has to stop now, maybe OK for bairns in school for not for grown up wage earners like yourselves, stop it now

On another note about public money I'm very much in favour of the Tories recent idea that when in power they will allow us to buy shares in the publicly owned banks. Silly me, here I was thinking that we already owned them, but I'd jump at the chance to buy them again with my money!