Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Station Brae - an accident waiting to happen?

The Gurn recently reported on the state of the Station Brae, there have since been action on the potholes but this evening at the ward forum Sheena Baker highlighted her concerns about safety in this area. She is really worried that there are lots of near misses with vehichles on the station brae and with the hospital to become ready later in the summer her fears have intensified. She would like to see traffic calming measures here.

Hopefully the powers that be will listen to Sheena's request to have something done urgently to improve safety on this busy stretch of road. The calming measures under the bridge in Mill Road were mentioned. Maybe similar could be achieved in the station brae danger area, if vehicles had to slow at the bottom of this man made hollow it would make things a lot better. Well done Sheena for fighting the corner for those that walk the pavement in this area every day and for those others that will use it when all the functions in the new hospital are open.


Anonymous said...

I use this route regularly and I agree that there is an accident waiting to happen. A lot of people use it, particularly mothers with prams and toddlers. One day a car will end up mounting the pavement because people pull over so far to avoid traffic coming the other way. Either that or a pedestrian is going to be struck by a car or, for example, a wing mirror.

It's not helped with bits of the hedge sticking out and people have to move over to avoid it. The hedge needs to be trimmed (don't remove it altogether).

When the surgery goes up to the hospital there will be a huge increase in traffic and traffic calming is needed but it will be interesting to see how this can be done especially with lorries coming under the railway bridge.

Stop For Red said...

I reckon traffic lights would be the only (if bad) solution to this problem. Articulated lorries would not be able to manoeuvre around traffic calming obstacles under the bridge. Although if this rain and sleet keeps up, a pontoon might be the answer.