Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wind-breaking news?

The list of sites being considered by the Scottish Enterprise as bases for off-shore wind farms includes Ardersier! Perhaps the yard will come back to life after all but not in the way we've been anticipating recently. Instead of housing, after the blue denim rockers will we see the blue denim overalls again? It would be a good solution, a chance for Nairnites who work offshore and elsewhere in the world to find something closer to home again?

'Adrian Gillespie, senior director of Scottish Enterprise's energy team, said: "The further development of a first phase of locations is critical to Scotland establishing itself as a leading location for manufacturing and assembling wind turbines and marine devices.

"Over time, the industry will offer significant opportunities for the whole of Scotland.

"Investing in these sites will provide companies and investors in offshore wind with suitable locations to base themselves to develop, service and support the opportunities that will be created in Scottish and UK water for renewable energy."

More on the BBC site. And more still on the STV pages:

"Each of the five sites identified in the Highlands and Islands possesses significant natural and infrastructural assets. Renewables manufacturing is already underway at Nigg, Campbeltown and Arnish. We look forward to working with partner agencies, developers and community representatives to further explore the opportunities for reinvigoration of facilities at Ardersier and Kishorn, both of which have a history of successful fabrication in the energy sector.”

Renewable energy sector in Scotland could be 'as big as oil and gas boom of 1970s and 1980s'


Anonymous said...

Is this a wind up?

Graisg said...

Unless Scottish Enterprise mean Ardersier village?

Cybernat said...

It's Scotland's wind!