Saturday, February 20, 2010

NRCG still seeking your objections to Sandown

The following from a NRCG circular:

'Would you please pass on this note on to as many of your fellow objectors as you can think of; and we would ask them - and you - to e-mail back by return that you/they support the position stated below and please feel free to add any additional objections:
"We object to the overdevelopment of Sandown Lands, to the density, house numbers and style of this proposed development and to its non-compliance with the Nairn Local plan: and we support Highland Councils original and unanimous decision to reject it in May 2009. Any future plans to develop Sandown must be sympathetic to Nairn and its surrounding areas and should not be in a high density configuration"
Responses need to have your full name(s), Mr & Mrs where appropriate, and address shown on the return
e-mails or the Developer will claim that they be disallowed as "coming from anywhere". Please direct your email to or by letter at the address below.
Thank you, and we hope to see as many of you as possible at the Nairn Community Centre in March - your visible support can really make a difference so if you can attend in person this would be very supportive. Details are on Scottish Governments website: Case No: PPA-270-632.
Yours sincerely,
Brian Lynch
for Nairn Residents Concern Group
Sandown Farm Lane
01667 451574'

The Gurn will be going to the public inquiry on the 2nd of March. The inquiry starts at 10.00 so to make our presence felt would it be best to be there from 09.30 onwards perhaps? Are you going to the inquiry and if protesting will you be taking banners etc?

Also another article on Sandown posted on the Gurn over the weekend here.

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