Tuesday, February 23, 2010

After midnight local press review

The Nairnshire leads with John Oliver back on the Charlie Chaplin trial. Another effort from John to make Nairn’s association with the late cinema star into a positive tourist attraction for the town. The plan might cost a cool £250,000 however. Read all about it in this week’s local player. Joe Telfer also commandeers a small section of the front page with swan information and details of his forthcoming display in the Library.

The Suburban Council are having trouble finding people willing to stand as candidates in the forthcoming election. That’s a bit of a shame, over the years there has been no shortage of people willing to go along and have their say, now it is time for one or two of them to step forward and help keep this community council and democratic watchdog going. Ian Bain also mentions this in his editorial column. Disruptive kids in Ardersier and disruptive tactics at Croy Community Council? More information on these subjects on pages two and three. Plus could some town centre businesses qualify for a handout to spruce their exteriors up? – Sheena Baker is on the Case. Snow clearing is debated again on page 4 and a report from the Nairnshire Farming Society annual dinner on page 5. The Whale and Dolphin Society have worries about the marina at Whitness impacting on the Dolphins.

Three letters this week preparing the ground for the Sandown Objectors at the forthcoming public inquiry. It will be an important event and the Gurn urges you all to get there for the start on Tues March 2nd, it starts at 10.00 but perhaps we should all get there for at least 09.30 to make an impression and let the world know our views. Anyone taking banners etc?

Letters this week from Elizabeth Bligh, Brain Lynch (you can see a copy here too) and Graham Vine. Just a flavour from Graham’s letter – he isn’t holding back:

‘It appears that none of the other Nairn elected members might be able to attend the Appeal to support Cllr Park and Highland Council. I would urge them to re-examine their diaries, as should Highland Council be defeated at this Appeal, the other elected members may find that they cannot dump all the blame on Sandy Park and walk away with their reputations intact.’

Three must-read letters this week Gurnites – don’t forget March 2nd Sandown Public Inquiry.

The usual big spread on sport with an interview with returning soccer favourite Robbie Duncanson to Station Park. The ‘Cop this’ section is quite full this week too. Waiting for you at any one of Nairn’s dozens of Co-op outlets and this time next year perhaps at Sainsbury’s too. Enjoy!

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