Thursday, February 18, 2010

New riverside seats going rusty too quickly?

Riverside watcher Murd reports that some of the new seats installed by the council seem to have split and are now rusting badly. Murd has informed the TEC services at the council of the problem and suggests to them that holes should be drilled in the bottom of the legs to allow water to escape thus preventing the freezing liquid expanding and splitting the hollow metal tubes.

Have a look for yourselves fellow Gurnites as you pass this type of seat around the riverside and elswhere around the town. Could it already be too late for some of these new benches?


Anonymous said...

Sad to see how little thought has gone into the purchase and installation of these benches. A classic example of 'you get what you pay for'... They last five minutes and then turn into an eyesore or even dangerous then have to be removed or replaced at even more expense. Another illustration of OUR money being wasted! P.S. Well done Murd for your suggestion - isn't it a pity the authorities didn't spot the poor quality and design flaws in the first place.

Graisg said...

The benches may be perfectly fine if maintained anon - The water seems to have got in after rubber/plastic stoppers were removed in the seat bars - perhaps they should have been glued in?

Anonymous said...

Was it vandalism that removed the stoppers? Were they there in the first place? Let us hope that the person who installed the benches or oversaw the work takes advantage of a right of reply. It would be nice to know