Friday, February 05, 2010

A Co-op announcement due in March

Nothing on the Courier website but the dead-tree edition has three small paragraphs about how the Co-op will announce details of plans for a new store in Nairn next month. Seems they're up for it now.
What a silly waste of time it all was sending a team of suits along to the public inquiry to try and stop Sainsbury's then. They could have had the old community centre demolished by now. Perhaps they'll get on with that at the same time as the streetscape, then we can get all the disruption over in a oner.


Anonymous said...

Co-op was just trying to look after its business interests by trying to block Sainsbury's

A few other businesses in Nairn also protested against it

Waste of time? Not if they'd won

Good news that the Co-op are to develop though, a choice of shopping for Nairnites this time next year?

Graisg said...

@anon, just had an anon comment in suggesting that the Sainsbury's gig has slipped to Spring 2011.
Was mentioned at a recent meeting apparently, wasn't there myself so can't confirm perhaps the local press will have picked up on that one?

David Brownless said...

I was at the ANB meeting on Monday (welcoming disgruntled Gurnites at the door (not :) )) and Sandy Park did mention that the Sainsbury's development was likely to be completed some time in early 2011. Someone also mentioned that they could, within the constraints of the planning permission, delay the build programme if they see fit .

Given the amount of local support voiced for the supermarket itself though it would be a PR disaster for them to do anything other than get started as soon as possible.

I know the original plan was to have it open for Christmas this year but obviously there has been, what I think it described in modern business twaddle , as 'slippage'.

Regarding the Somerfield/Co-op site - although they inherited a bit of a poison chalice and haven't actually had ownership of the town centre site for that long, I am disappointed that the Co-op haven't just got on and done something quickly. They have planning permission and it would do their reputation a whole heap of good if they just committed themselves to it and got started.

So as Anon says, Spring 2011 could be a time for great grocery choice in the town - and imagine how many car journeys will be saved ,and how much more 'cycling to the supermarket'for the messages everyone will be able to do :)

Graisg said...

Well have to push 'a save the planet buy a bicycle to go to the two brand new supermarkets' campaign for Christmas David :-)

David Brownless said...

I'll get my marketing department onto it straight away :)

Norman said...

'my dad got out on his bike and looked for a supermarket'

Nairnack said...

This is the only story in town. The somerfield side of the town centre is a disgrace and looks worse opposite the fantastic investment of the community centre and police station.

The council should ask Co-op to state their intentions NOW and not pander to these multi million pound profiteering organisations.

Anyway, we need an affordable supermarket in the town centre for low income families and the elderly to access. An expensive sainsbury on the outskirts of town that only car drivers can access isn't the answer.

remember, you will always be surprised what you can buy in Nairn town centre - and I am not a trader.

growtosow said...

lets hope the co op act soon and get the buildings down and get on with their supermarket