Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Station brae - a midweek gurnfest special

The Station Brae is an unpleasant experience for both pedestrians and motorists these days. It is all the same a very busy route into town for both species. This route will become even busier when the relocation of the Lodgehill Clinic is completed. Now just as we gurned about the potholes on the Town Bridge, highlighting the dangers as motorists concentrate on missing potholes instead of other dangers (pedestrians on the narrow pavement for example), we'd like to point out that the same danger exists here from the disintegrating road surface.

In wet weather the pavement can be quite messy with soil dropping down from the parts of the wall where stones are missing. Another hazard on an already narrow pavement that pedestrians should not have to endure.

Here you can see how the beech hedge obscures part of the low bridge warning sign. In the spring new growth will obscure the sign completely. Beech grows very quickly and will soon hang down to hinder passage on the pavement unless it receives a severe trim this winter. This will have to take place before the birds start nesting too. All in all a bit of work for our cash-strapped local authority in putting this area right. This footpath can be dangerous at the best of times - surely it has to be a priority - even at a time when money is short?


growtosow said...

i seem too remember reading in the nairnshire a few weeks ago a advert put in by HC reminding landdowner's too cut back overhanging branches. what was that saying kettle calling the pot black. perhaps they should be taking their own advice.

Anonymous said...

And there is some hedges in Queenspark with council tenants that overhang the pavements require to be cut. A letter might do the trick.

potting shed said...

Aye, nothing worse than when you get council tenants in your hedges, they always overhang!

I've tried showing them a letter but mine are still there