Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sewage works odour - Sandy is on Scottish Water's case big time!

The above is the shamefully inadequate response to a question that was asked of Scottish Water prior to their presentation at the Ward Forum this evening. Sandy was having none of it and waded in big time. He said that he'd even spoken to John Swinney to try and get some action on this. A rep from Nairn Dunbar golf club supported the convenor and said that this was now having a detremental effect on the club with word spreading about the smells. It emerged that Scottish Water had suspended the relevant operation until the evening when they knew the club had competitions and the club rep asked if this could become the norm.

A serious issue here, that sewage works can really stink at certain times and it could be when sludge is either coming in or out - quite often a big red lorry can be seen heading down Maggot Road to the works. Is this the lorry that brings or takes away the smelly stuff? Surely given our dependence on the tourist industry this has to be sorted?


Anonymous said...

Can't tell you how many times I've been walking on the East beach and turned back due to the stench of the sewage works

Hardly a tourist attraction, quite the opposite so lets hope some action is taken

jayteescot1 said...

Like anon, this is one of the reasons I avoid the east beach too.
I often wonder how the caravan site puts up with it ?
Maybe dont want to highlight the fact that there's a sewage works close by.

The Poo Factory said...

If we think its bad now just wait till the 500 odd new Sandown house owners come on stream

Seem to remember reading that a huge amount of Scottish Water money has been spent repairing pipes after the works for the Edinburgh tram system, so no wonder there is little money for the likes of Nairn

Anonymous said...

You would expect a bit of a whiff now and again from a sewage works but this is definitely a 'Stench'! I've also wondered about this lorry, if you're nearby when it passes the smell is horrendous. God knows what's in it but I think it does have some part to play in the stench.

There are 30,000+ people a year coming into the town via the caravan site so it would be in the local councillors best interests to get this sorted!

Anonymous said...

As a golfer at Dunbar,I know from experience the terrible smells that follow you about for 4 or 5 holes depending on the wind direction. We have been told for years to report any smells to the Clubhouse but this has resulted in very little difference. It must put visitor golfers off from coming back as the stench can be unbearable sometimes. Scottish Water are supposed to perfume the smell but I have yet to notice.

Graisg said...

I think we must highlight that the smell problem is not a constant one and as suggested may be linked with the arrival/departure of that high sided truck.
Perhaps the golf club suffer more than the site. Incidently I heard recently that the bookings for the Caravan Site are already slightly up on last year's figures which is a triumph of marketing and reputation given the economic climate. It looks like Nairn can look forward to many thousands of visitors again walking across the Bailey Bridge into town to spend money.
On the smell problem for the Golf Course, it has obviously reached the stage where they and Sandy wish to go public despite the risks that that brings. Let's hope enough political pressure can be brought to bear on Scottish Water.

@Poo factory: isn't that why they are building a new sewage works at Ardersier? To take all the jobbies from all the developments proposed along the A96 corridor?

Anonymous said...

Smell, what smell?

The only odour is when the trucks come and go, but that is obviously too much for the less hardy amongst us.

If there are concerns about waste treatment then meetings are surely the place to ask questions. Ask politely about just exactly what happens at the Nairn works. Now is the time to get facts, and to not be satisfied until the most basic details are given and understood by all.

If anyone is seriously considering raising the issue then figures and facts will be needed to illustrate concerns.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anonymous of 3.41, it's not just a quick waft from a passing lorry this, at times, eye watering stench, hangs around for a couple of hours and, believe me, it's not pleasant.