Friday, February 26, 2010

Highland Planners could be £1,370,000 down by the end of the financial year

This would mean the planning department going to the full council cap in hand for a top-up. It just so happens that the full council will be coming back in the autumn for another round of cuts worth £36 million on top of the £12 million just announced. One wonders how they will manage to help the planners out.
'Planning officials in the Highlands are seeking an extra £372,000 to cover a major fall in planning fee income.
Highland Council received £2.2 million in planning fees and building warrants from April to November last year, compared to £2.9 million a year earlier and £3.4 million in 2007.
The shortfall is expected to reach £1,370,000 by the end of the financial year, leading the planning, environment and development committee to make a request to the full council for an injection of cash.'
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