Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crime reduced 22% - 7 out of 10 crimes detected

Inspector MacLennan gave his regular presentation to the Ward Forum on Wednesday night too. He assured the gathering that teams of hit squad traffic wardens would not descend form Inverness once Sandy the warden had retired. He pointed out that police officers could also be utilised for these duties. He responded to a query about an individual phoning Nairn police station and speaking to someone in Aviemore. This would be a rare occasion and would happen only if support staff were not available, to have a police officer manning the phone would mean that they would not be available to be where they should be – on the street. He said that it doesn’t happen often or effect service delivery. The Inspector reported that the recent trend of violence towards police officers had ceased and that hopefully this had just been a blip. He reported the recent attempted murder in Queenspark and had increased the police presence in the area in the aftermath to reassure the community.
Not only do we live in an area where 7 out of 10 crimes are detected but there has been a 22% reduction in crime since April 2009 (in the force area generally this was 12%).
Operation Magma had no ended and in its place was operation round-up where the police would now work closely with the NHS in engaging with youths and their parents.
All in all a very positive report from Inspector MacLennan and in this age of technology does it matter too much who answers the phone as long as they can get a police officer to you when you need one?

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