Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nairnshire Liberation Front attacks Inverness imperialism

(this is a special one for readers in the Village) Last night 'Free Nairnshire' slogans were daubed on all newsagents in the town that have continued to sell copies of the Inverness Courier. Several businesses had already pulped all copies of the Courier, having decided not to risk any further trouble with the Guerilla group who had earlier issued warnings to shopkeepers. The NLF see anything that even mentions the name of Inverness as a threat to Nairnshire culture and community. While the Gurn has sympathy with the underground movement we will only support peaceful non-violent protest against Inverness rule and will not condone attacks to property.
It seems the NLF have got over their  struggle with the People's front for the liberation of Nairnshire and have returned to their direct action strategy. Fingers of blame have also been pointed  at activists from the breakaway faction 'Saor Inbhir-Narann' who have for some time been trying to discredit the former parent group. 

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