Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday evening local press review

The Nairnshire front page carries the legend ‘Links school fate back on the agenda.’ A good account of Graham Marsden’s meeting in the very building and the outcome of events from last week. Let’s hope the optimism harnessed at the campaign meetingt doesn’t evaporate and this building can be kept in use for the benefit of the community. Scroll down the Gurn for interesting threads with comment on this issue. Page two is full of more Highland Council material. Complaints from Croy and Culloden Moor community council about having to print off material sent by e-mail from the council and fears that this might increase as the e-planning system goes live (or should it be ‘more live’) on the 23rd of this month. Details too on page 2 of the council tax freeze and the cuts.

The ‘lively’ events of the River Community Council from Tuesday night on Page 3, perhaps it’s just as well that space might be preventing further details of that meeting. Moving deeper into the paper we’ve details of the fish factory decision that was taken to a full meeting of the council. Willie Lane now can go ahead in his move from chickens to fish. Croy Councillor Glynis Sinclair who was trying to stop the fish processing plant doesn’t hold back in her comments to the Nairnshire.

Bridgemill Direct take a full-page advert for their ‘End of Season Sale’ which will run from Thursday 18th to Monday the 22nd and promises all stock at half-price.

Population increases in the Highlands and major new investments at Dalcross are two other major items that draw the reader’s attention. The Letters to the Editior this week include information from two Sandown Campaigners – pay attention to this material gurnites, the forthcoming public inquiry is going to be very important for the future of Nairn. If you have the time why not get along to the inquiry to show your support to those fighting the 550 house plan for Sandown. Make it your task of the week to read the letters from Brian Lynch and John Hart.

An obituary for Bob Denholm, remembered by many for his ‘Riverside Diaries’ details his career and his considerable achievements in many fields. He will be sorely missed, a man who loved the River Nairn and its flora and fauna.

Much more within the 16 page issue, also including the usual sport and the details of the two home defeats suffered by Nairn County FC last week. Your weekly treat awaits you in a newsagents or one of the many Co-ops near you.

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