Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scenery around Nairn and Tilda boost Pringle

Tilda's wee Pringle movie gets another mention in the media:
'As part of her involvement, Swinton stars in a short film by Ryan McGinley, with locations including ruined castles, beaches and caves. Swinton is barefoot and bare-faced. With her androgyny and agelessness, she seems to embody an idea of timeless style that Pringle is keen to embrace. "You see models in our clothes, who might be 18 or 19," says Waight Keller. "Then I wear them and I'm in my late-30s. And then you've got Tilda wearing them in her late-40s. There's a real modernity to that. It's great to have a woman of Tilda's age fronting the campaign. There's such a sense of character and of life experience to that." As she did last season, Swinton will more than likely have a front-row seat for the show tomorrow evening.
Pringle's return in the autumn to London Fashion Week was so successful that Waight Keller is excited about another season on sovereign soil. "Coming back to London for Fashion Week last year made the Scottish focus for us even more important," she says. "Tilda is a big part of that because I think she embodies an idea of contemporary Scotland so well, that idea of heritage and roots, but also of real modernity. That's the kind of Scot I've had in mind working on the autumn/winter collection.
"The scenery around Nairn, where we shot the campaign with Tilda, has also been a massive influence for me. The colours and textures of that landscape are so evocative. Even the weather is an influence."'

More on the Scotsman. And another chance to see the film here: (That page has changed - click about pringle and then you will see ad film, click on that.

Gurnshire amateur film critics seemed generally downbeat about this movie however.

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