Monday, February 08, 2010

Bridge potholes no more?

Bear tackle the A96 bridge potholes.


Anonymous said...

The Gurn seems to be able to exert a great deal of power when it wants to. Was only yesterday you once again highlighted the pothole situation
Can readers send in details of the jobs they'd like carried out by the council? Seems one word from the Gurn and it's done
Well done, what a community service you provide for us all

T A R MacAdum said...

Is it a watch your suspension bridge ????

growtosow said...

hope they do the rest while they are at it perhaps we may have too mark them. as the last time any work was done they failed too do the ones at the rounddabout on king street. this has been bad for some time now. remind me someone what are we paying road tax for again i seem too have forgot what it was for any ideas

Graisg said...

Coincidence perhaps? Maybe Bear were simply due to be here today anyway. If it did get pushed up the agenda I suspect it would have been as a result of Fergus Ewing MSP intervening however.

Unknown said...

The POWER of the GURN is amazing!
Replace the local councils with the GURN!!!