Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sandy in Europe - video interview

The European Committee of the regions have a video interview with Sandy Park, go to the bottom of this web page and click on the Sandy Park link.


Anonymous said...


so good he went there twice said...

Skip the sidewalks of New York, surely the next stop is Hollywood for our Sandy?

He certainly scrubs up well, I reckon he'd do well flipping at a Denny's Diner on the strip (tips are good)

Graisg said...

Sandy does look a bit over-awed by it all in the vid but maybe he wasn't expecting the high definition equipment to be poked in his face. The Lib Dem MEP that had a vid made at the same time obviously knows the game a lot better.
Sandy has been good at learning on the job though and he handles the whole HC scene with a good deal of gravitas these days. Keeping the independents under control is no mean feat ('herding cats' was one expression used for this task)
I imagine he'll come on great guns at the committee of the regions, the trouble is we never really hear about anything that happens in Brussells which is a bit of a shame when you consider that we have a Euroland President that rules over us know.
Maybe it's meant to be like that?
Anyway maybe Sandy will one day take the Peter Peacock route to Holyrood? Peter used to go to Bruxelles a lot.