Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another famous person's dog on Nairn beach

On Sunday it was Jeff Zycinski, head of Radio BBC Scotland, that had a picture taken of his dog on Nairn beach. Today our internet monitoring unit can exclusively reveal that Charlie Whelan took his dog for a walk on Nairn beach recently. Here's the picture to prove it.

Soon the tourist season and the silly dog ban. Do we really need to waste money on that in these troubled times cash-strapped times? It's not only famous people that bring their dogs to Nairn and spend money but the unknown folk too. Dog owners are just as likely to spend money here as the canine-less. Let the dogs on all the beaches and if any dog-owners are irresponsible, hit them with the on-the-spot £50 turd penalty.


Fly me said...

I hope his dog didn't leak anything

Iain said...

It's vitally important that we don't have dogs on the Central Beach if we want children to play there safely. Most dog owners are responsible but just enough are not to ruin it for everyone.

I'm not against dog-owners as such, but I am for people being able to run around on the sand without stepping in something. Also remember that many dogs run around loose and that can be terrifying for children. The fact that they "are just being friendly" is not often understood by a youngster - and may I say quite a few adults as well.

There are plenty of places for dogs. They just don't need to be on the Central beach, whether or not they belong to famous people.

Belt in the middle said...

A little off topic but is there any chance we could have something a little more inspired than the name "Central" for that poor beach, West would do?

Woof Woof said...

Dont let Nairn go to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Iain.

AuldSkater said...

I think the logistics of watching out for 'fly-crapping' canines would be a bit much.

Who watches the beach and enforces the ban at the moment anyway? I can't remember seeing any official looking figures patrolling the central beach?

Hey There Musky said...

Howdy Auld Skater just to inform you
i have got the new job as the official fly-crapping canine catcher who takes no shit from any
one [especially poodles]you can easily recognise me iam a Brown
dog who does not use bullying tactics, whose bark is worse than
his bite & when i meet Iain he sets
my tail wagging.
All the best fom DEPUTY DOGG

put Nairn on the map said...

I view of the suggestion to immortalise the walks that Charlie Chaplin made around Nairn, could we not have bronze statues made of these famous dogs together with plaques marking where they went for a wee?

Commemorative doggie poo bags could go on sale at all good gift stores with photos of the dogs on each bag forming a limited edition collectors set (Surplus sold on QVC)

Nairn really needs to cash in on these famous people that visit our shores

I've already suggested coach tours of Nairn's famous actors homes but this seems to have fallen on deaf ears

Anonymous said...

The 'Central' beach was invented in the 80's (previously it was, and still is to many people, the West Beach) at the same time as the original dog ban came into force. This invention happened so the council could meet the criteria required for the Blue flag/Seaside award scheme. As is usual with many of these schemes, if something doesn't fit or doesn't exist, then it's changed until it does. Indeed, why was the East beach which, ironically, is as popular, if not more so than the ‘Central’ not put up for any Awards, after all it was one of the only EEC designated Bathing beaches? Could it be that the ‘invention’ of the ‘Central’ beach was the easy option?
What was particularly laughable about the dog ban was that people were making a big thing about the possibility of dog shit, but were completely ignoring the facts that the water coming onto the beach 24hrs a day was highly polluted with human shit coming from the untreated sewage works and outlets. Thankfully things are not as bad as they were since the upgrading of the sewage works but, as can be seen from the figures from previous years the 'Central' beach still fails the tests on occasions (and not because of dog shit!). Things have also changed in that most dog owners are much more responsible and pick up after their pets.
Not everyone can get to the East beach to walk their dogs, not everyone has cars. Why not have a compromise? Ban dogs from the beach from say 10.00 am till 17.00 pm at the height of the season?

Anonymous said...

what a crappy job