Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gurnshire part of the Inverness Village?

We're quite content here on the Gurn for content from our articles to be posted on other sites, after all that's what we do with a lot of material ourselves. It's what some think the very future of news is itself, that is to say a link-driven economy where the more people or sites that use segments of your feeds then the more will eventually follow the links back to your site.  All the same it is slightly annoying to be considered part of Inverness. Take a look a this news site my village Inverness. 

It's not only in real life that things can get centralised. Freedom for Gurnshire :-)


Anonymous said...

good to see that you are the only Gurn in the village

the Gurn suffers from being first with the news that others seem to freely lift or link to

Didn't Inverness spend years getting city status?

nairnbairn said...

I guess the Gurn could feel vaguely flattered to be quoted on other websites, and it may be ratifying to think that this means that the Gurning reaches a wider audience.

But the "MyVillage" team undermine the credibility of their site, and reveal their geographical ignorance, by recycling the Gurn blogs as Inverness "local news". Yet they appear not to be lifting material from those blogs - like Newsbleat and Inversnecky - that are focused mainly on that city.

There is also something faintly unethical, even lazy, about plagiarising the Gurn's content without proper attribution. They should have more respect for those like the Gurn who are contributing information and comment via the 'web, and give credit where credit is due.

Graisg said...

Maybe half a dozen very, very silly articles about Inverness would wake them up about Inverness and local geography :-)