Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Fochabers waited through the swinging sixties and the cold war but they got a by-pass

A link to a Scotsman page has been sent in by a regular reader of the Gurn. How long will Nairn have to wait? We do get a mention in the article however.


Anonymous said...

Yes Fochabers needed a bypass but i think Nairn is far more of a bottle neck these days, partly i think this is caused but the amount of traffic light you have to go through which causes build up during busy times...
BYPASS Nairn yeah....
Also while we are at it bring back the good shops like Rose Brothers, Dougies, Rennies, Harrold butcher, Peter Green, women shop, mans shop, Baby shop, Deletion Records, Woolies, Philips Dairy, Wrights the Barbours, Morganti's, Guliano's, Heard's, Co-op Mans Shop, Watsons, Hay the dentist... oh no forget the last one eek, ok ok so i digress, why does the past always seem better!

Old Salt said...

Probably because it was better,Neil.
Also, many so called Nairn (local)people wouldn't have a clue what you are talking about.
Sorry to say, I honestly think we have seen the best of it.

nairnbairn said...

I don't begrudge the folk of Fochabers their bypass. But it is interesting that they got the go-ahead and Government money ahead of Nairn. Was this based on an objective assessment of transport needs and priorities, or a calculation of political advantage?

Traffic may suffer some holdups in Fochabers. But that transit is a pretty straight road with - if I remember rightly - only one set of lights. The Fochabers problem is mainly parked cars on the fairly narrow High Street, which yellow lines would solve.

Compare that to the situation in Nairn, which already has four sets of lights (two randomly controlled by pedestrians) and the mini-roundabout... and if the planners have their way, will have a few more sets of lights as part of the Sainsburys agreement.

A bypass at Fochabers will emphasise even more dramatically the seriousness of the A96 problem in Nairn.

If a proper Nairn bypass isn't built soon, the "unofficial" bypass via Cawdor, Geddes and the Grantown road or Auldearn will soon become busier, and more dangerous, than the A96.

Graisg said...

Good points Nairnbair, now drivers can get to the hold-ups in Elgin and Nairn much quicker than they did before.
You're spot on about the existing 'unofficial' bypass, cycling out to Cawdor used to be a pleasure on a quiet country road, not anymore.